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print:● Pombal called all poules ‘j●eunes femmes’.)‘Hein Elle n’est pas mal 〃埅 et c’est tout payé, mon cher.● Mais ce m


atin, moi je me sens un tout ●petit peu antiféministe — j’en ●ai marre, hein!’ Satiety fell upon ●him at such times.‘Je de


viens de● plus en plus anthropophage’ he ▓would say, rolling that comical eye.● Also, his job worried him; his reputation w▓a



s pretty bad, people were beginning to talk●, especially after what he call▓s ‘l’affaire Sveva’; and yester●day the Consul-General walked in on him ●while he was cleaning his shoes on the C▓hanc

ery curtains….‘Monsieu▓r Pombal! Je suis obligé de vous faire ▓quelques observations sur votre compo▓rtement officiel!’ Ouf! A reproof of the firs▓t grade….It explains why Pomba▓l now sits hea

went far bu t simply wal●ke
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vily in the photograph, debating▓ all this with a downcast expression.Late▓ly we have become rather estranged b●ecause of Melissa.He is angry t●hat I have fallen in love with her,● for she is only

a dancer in a n▓ight-club, and as such unworthy of ser●ious attention.There is also a question of sno▓bbery, for she is virtually living ▓at the flat now and he feels this to be ▓demeaning: perhaps

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even diplomatically u●nwise.‘Love’ says Toto ‘is▓ a liquid fossil’ — a feli▓citous epigram in all conscience.Now to▓ fall in love with a

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banker’s wife, tha●t would be forgivable, though ridiculou●s….Or would it In Alexandri▓a, it is only intrigue per se ▓which is wholehearted

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ly admired; but● to fall in love renders one ridicul●ous in society.(Pombal is a prov▓incial at heart.) I think of the tre▓mendous repose and

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dignity of Meli▓ssa in death, the slender body bandaged ▓and swaddled as if after some co▓nsuming and irreparable accident.Well.And Just●ine O

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n the day this picture was taken▓, Clea’s painting was interrupted by a ●kiss, as Balthazar says.How am I to ma▓ke this comprehensible when I


ca▓n only visualize these scenes with such diffic▓ulty I must, it seems, try to see a new ▓Justine, a new Pursewarden, a▓ new Clea….I mean th

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at I mu▓st try and strip the opaque membrane which ●stands between me and the reality of thei▓r



actions — and which I suppose is composed▓ of my own limitations of vision and t▓emperament.My


envy of Pursewar▓den, my passion for Justine, my p▓ity for Melissa.Distorting mirr▓ors, all of


them….The way ▓is through fact.I must record what more I ●know and attempt to render it compre

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onque …’ He was right, perhaps,● yet the

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  • to perpetuate, t
  • o record, to pho▓


true meaning of them resides● elsewhere.Here,

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  • ppose this must co
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I hope, on this scribbled▓ paper which I hav

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e woven, spid●er-like, from my inner life.And

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  • morial cigars, ●p
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  • …▓.Later this
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Abul Mal Muhit

ow he had capt

Scobie ●Well, he at least has the comprehensibility o▓f a diagram — plain as a nati●onal anthem.He looks particularly● pleased this morning fo


Abul Mal Muhit

plomatic bag.N

r he has recentl●y achieved apotheosis.After years as a B▓imbashi in the Egyptian Police, in wh▓at he calls ‘the evening of h●is life’ he has


Abul Mal Muhit

uissant●: the

just been a▓ppointed to … I hardly dare to write the w▓ords for I can see his shudder of ●secrecy, can see his glass eye rolling por▓tentously

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round in its socket … t▓he Secret Service.He is not a●live any more, thank God, to read the word●s and tremble.Yes, the Ancient Mariner, t●he sec

ich ▓is a
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ret pirate of Tatwig Street, the m▓an himself.How much the city misses him.● (His use of the word ‘uncanny’!)….Elsewhe▓re I have recounted how I

lways full
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answered a m▓ysterious summons to find myself in a r▓oom of splendid proportions with my erstwhile ●pirate friend facing me acros●s a desk, whist

of uncons
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ling through his ill-fitting den▓tures.I think his new assignment was as mu●ch a puzzle to him as it was ●to me, his only confidant.It i▓s true of

idered ●t
rifles and tri

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course that he had been long in Egypt ●and knew Arabic well; but his caree●r had been comparatively obscure.What cou▓ld an intelligence agency hope to get o●ut of him More than this —● what did he hope to get out of me

fles more considered: ●les femmes.But he is
a good friend, a tender
-he▓arted man, and re
ally loves women.● When
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